Yes, it’s slow as balls. I run my own Jira for ~100 users and, despite throwing as much hardware at it and its PostgreSQL database as possible, it’s still extremely slow clicking around and trying to use it. Database operations that would have been fast against simple MySQL 15 years ago on a single core server take seconds. What is it doing that makes it so slow?? The PostgreSQL server has most of the working set of data cached into 64GB of memory, for pete’s sake, and still it’s not enough to make it fly.

Cloud Jira is unusably slow in comparison, too, and when the Atlassian server licenses are not available any more (soon!) and we’re forced with having to migrate, I’m not sure what to do. Bite the bullet and just accept the abysmal performance for an easy migration, pay through the nose for the Data Center license, or get people running on a new tool?