It’s not for engineers. Or anyone in particular. They’re building to check off boxes in order to sell top down to C-level execs that never touch the stuff. Atlassian products are all like this, and each one is a horrible trash fire.

Confluence is the worst wiki product I’ve ever used. Gross syntax, slow, clunky plugin system, awkward permissions. Install MediaWiki and be done with it.

Bitbucket is slow and feels like it’s from the 90s. It doesn’t seem to do multithreading well - sometimes force pushed branch rebases pick up a new, unrelated author. A bug that hasn’t been fixed in years, and only one of many. How many times will merging not actually work?

Jira is a special kind of hell. It’s like every team needs their own embedded Atlassian solutions engineer to get it into a usable state. Not an EM or PM, but a specially dedicated role just to deal with Jira nonsense. Why even bother?

Atlassian is like Salesforce for business process, but if it were written by all-remote temp contractors churning through Jira tickets themselves.