I fucking hate Jira and Confluence because all the plugins needed. Everything requires a plugin - that you have to pay for all of the users on the server.

You want statistic of what confluence pages that are used: Buy a plugin.

You want to suspend dormant users that never logs in and use Jira: Buy a plugin.

You want to Add a Confluence user using the Rest-API: Buy a plugin.

The list goes on.

Every trivial thing that is included in similar products require a plugin for Atlassian products. And you must pay for 2000 users if that is your number of licensed users. So, there is a team that of 5 users that uses Azure DevOps and wants to integrate with Jira: Buy a plugin and try motivating to buy a plugin for $50.000. Then there are all the bugs and all the security flaws that creates incidents, but that will be a separate rant.