Confluence is a Black Hole of misery and pain that has never been a useful tool in any organisation I’ve been a part of, and JIRA itself is not far behind. I am thankful every day that my role as a designer limits my exposure to it, and it mostly remains a hellscape populated by BAs and PMs. The interface is pure pain and performance is terrible.

JIRA enables micromanagement to an extreme and I hate the management need to log and track every minute of every day of an employees time. You know you fucked up as a software company if wrestling with your product is a full time job to anyone that makes use of it in another organisation. The thought of babysitting JIRA and Confluence makes me sick and I establish early on my distance from it.

I want a “Simple” view that only shows me the absolute bare minimum. I don’t need to be staring at a 747 cockpit worth of buttons and links within tree views within other links just to do something that should take me two seconds.