Since switching to Jira, our team has never appeared busier! Key-word: appeared.

Nothing I love more than fiddling with garbage UIs, and waiting for long load-times in a stupid web-app that doesn’t even have dark mode. Switching from Linear to Jira was the biggest mistake my silly, naïvely open-minded ass ever agreed to. We went from a piece of software which acted as a lightweight shoulder-companion on my day-to-day to having to lug around an over-complicated, heavy, ugly legcuff around. What was a once masterly crafted, well-integrated & seamless part of my workflow has now become a chore that makes me want to burn off my arms and rip out my eyeballs with the power of a thousand suns.

I sincerely hope that every software developer, UI designer, product manager, executive, intern, janitor, etc., that has ever so much as been within ten feet of a computer containing the Atlassian product-line’s codebase is wholefully ashamed of what they’ve helped to create.

The only way a piece of software like Jira could’ve ever gotten as bad as it is: is if they planned it out using Jira… and don’t even get me started on Confluence. 🤮