Jira is software representation of Dante’s Inferno.

With Confluence it morphs into all of Dante’s circles of hells combined with mythical apocalypse rider frameworks such as SAFe and SCRUM.

Combined they make a great combination of utterly work-related uselessness and great micromanagement tool. A perfect combination for showing off middle management what have you done on your performance review.

But moving tickets between swimlanes and writing useless unsearchable, non-navigable Confluence docs is not actually doing any work.

JIRA and Confluence are so aligned with bureaucratic processes that it’s simply a must for companies to use.

JIRA hurts your ROI, company, people and everyone using it by giving you false dopamine high that you did some work.

Yeah, that burndown chart gives you dopamine high after you lose your yearly supply of cortisol and adrenaline forcing us developers to smooth it out.

JIRA is just a hell bent software on making hell easier to access for everyone. Especially for unintentional hell access.